Resources for Children

Bible Study Packs – Want to start studying the bible with us? These study packs make it easy for you to join us in studying God’s word. These packs are available to pick up at the church (Trinity United Methodist Church, 333 S. Chestnut St, Seymour, IN), mailed to you, emailed to you or found here on the website. If you would like a study pack to be mailed or emailed to you, please contact the church at or (812) 523-3072 and provide us with your mailing address or email address.

Thank you for your interest in our Bible Study Packs for Children! Our May and June Bible Study Packs focus on mothers and fathers found throughout the bible. Each week includes a bible story, discussion questions, and a coloring page.

Our May and June Memory Verse:

“Honor your father and mother.” Ephesians 6:2

Past Bible Study Packs:

March Bible Study Pack Materials: First, children will work on completing a Spring Mini Book! On each page, children will be able to see examples of all the things god created, and they will trace one word in the sentence and color the pages. On the last couple of pages of the book, children can draw and color their own picture to represent what God has created in Spring. Children will then move on to complete different coloring pages, activities, and memory verse games.

Story Time – Check out our virtual story time. We hope to one day soon see you in person in our Kati Otto Learning Center.


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